AnaeroGRO MultiPak



  • 15x100mm plt 3/pk

For the cultivation and differentiation of anaerobic bacteria. Hardy Diagnostics AnaeroGro™ Brucella Agar with Hemin and Vitamin K is recommended for use in the primary isolation, quantitation, and partial identification of obligately anaerobic microorganisms from clinical specimens. The medium is also suitable for the growth of aerobic and microaerophilic bacteria when incubated under the appropriate conditions.

Hardy Diagnostics AnaeroGRO™ Anaerobic PEA (Phenylethyl Alcohol) Agar is recommended for use as an enriched and selective medium for the cultivation and selective isolation of gram-positive and negative obligate anaerobic bacteria. It is useful in isolating obligate anaerobes from mixed flora, by inhibiting gram-negative facultative anaerobes and the control of swarming organisms. Hardy Diagnostics AnaeroGRO™ Bacteroides Bile Esculin Agar is an enriched, selective, and differential medium recommended for the rapid isolation and presumptive identification of obligately anaerobic gram-negative bacilli of the Bacteroides fragilis group Bilophila spp.

Hardy Diagnostics AnaeroGRO™ LKV (Laked Blood with Kanamycin and Vancomycin) Agar is recommended for use in the selective isolation and partial identification of obligately anaerobic gram-negative bacilli, such as Prevotella spp. and Bacteroides spp. AnaeroGRO plates are pre-reduced and packaged in an oxygen barrier mylar pouch that has been flushed with oxygen-free gas. In addition, each pouch contains an oxygen scavenger sachet and a desiccant to control excess condensation. Room temperature storage. See the Instructions For Use (IFU) below (under Technical Information) for the complete procedure with color photos. Remember that Hardy offers all your anaerobic bacteriology supplies; gas generators, jars, pouches, indicators, ID reagents and disks. Ask us for a copy of our Anaerobic Microbiology Mini Catalog. Hardy Diagnostics believes in excellence when it comes to patient care…just like you do. You can count on Hardy for “a culture of service!”


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