AE bios Agarose LE, 500g



Molecular Grade/High Purity AGAROSE

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Heightened resolution and clarity
  • Smaller sizes available
  • Low EEO ≤ 0.13-mr
  • RNase/DNase/Protease FREE
  • 1g:100ml H2O – Colorless
  • 150 bp to 25 kbp
  • FREE SHIPPING on 500g bottles

AE bios Agarose LE is highly purified, designed for a bevy of microbiology applications. The Agarose is refined. Yielding a cleaner product with a reduced environmental impact. Formulated for high gel strength and integrity, Agarose exhibits exceptional thermal stability and mechanical resistance, ensuring safe, easy handling, regardless of whether a denaturing agent has been added. Pore size can be adjusted by simple adjustments to its concentration. The consistently low EEO also provides a reduction in band distortion that can result from the presence of excessive SO2−4 negative ions. AE bios Agarose is used for both preparative and analytical electrophoresis.


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